Service Charge Collection

The Service Charges should be paid on or by the due date, which is the date of the invoice. Hurford Salvi Carr aim to send out invoices at least two weeks before the due date.

If payment is not received within twenty-one days of the due date, a polite reminder is sent. This asks for payment within the next seven days.

If payment is not forthcoming, a further reminder is then sent out. If payment is not received within a further seven days, the matter will be placed in the hands of specialist Debt Collectors, London Debt Collectors Ltd.

If the account is sent to London Debt Collectors Ltd, then an invoice for £75.20 Referral Charges is issued, and an invoice for interest to date will accompany this. If payment is received by return, the Referral Charges invoice may be cancelled, but the interest charges will remain, as these will most probably be a term of your lease. London Debt Collectors Ltd will invoice you for the Collection Costs, which start at £95.00 and will rise in proportion to the steps taken. If payment is not received, London Debt Collectors Ltd will contact any mortgagee, and may then commence proceedings in the County Court, and could ultimately start proceedings to re-possess your flat.

Interest charged is paid to Hurford Salvi Carr Property Management towards the costs of arrears collection.

Tracey Ward is always willing to discuss payment plans, and we will do whatever we can to help you. However, you will appreciate that we have to take a tough line on Debt Collection as it is unfair to those who pay on time if services cannot be provided to a building because a few have not paid.