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On behalf of Westminster Green Board of Directors and HSC Property Management Company


Board of Directors
Rules and Regulations
Appendix I : Meeting Room Bookings
Appendix I(A): Booking Form
Appendix I(B): Attendance Form
Appendix II: Gym Rules
Appendix II(A): Gym Disclaimer
Appendix III: Rules for Contractors
Appendix IV: Fire Procedures


These Rules and Regulations have been published to welcome you to your new Apartment and we trust you will enjoy a happy and peaceful occupation.

Please could you ensure that you read this document thoroughly.

These rules apply to all owners, lessees, sub-tenants, occupants and visitors at all times.

It is the responsibility of the owners to ensure that any occupant of their flat is aware of and abides by the Rules and Regulations in this document.

We thank you in advance – your co-operation is much appreciated.


Ms Anne Marie Morris MP  - Chair
Hurford Salvi Carr Property Management - Company Secretary
Ms Jane Alexander            - Director
Dr Makrokh Dodwell JP      - Director
Mrs Alexandra Fullwood     - Director
Mr Lionel Krieger               - Director
Mr Guy Higgins                 - Director



Hurford Salvi Carr Property Management

Mr Jim Thornton - Managing Director

Mr Steve Drake - Operations Director
Tel: 07813 893682

Mr Jeremy Claasen - Building Manager
Tel: 07507 255138


In accordance with the terms of the Apartment Lease, these Rules and Regulations highlight the key requirements for the enjoyment of the building for all residents. Compliance with these Regulations is the responsibility of every resident.


The security of the building is of paramount importance and the security fob entry system is for your protection.

  1. Your security fobs should not be given to anybody who is not known to you.  Lost fobs should be reported immediately to the concierge staff.
  2. Persons not known to you should not be permitted to “tail-gate” through doors or car park gates, i.e. DO NOT hold security doors open to allow others to follow you through unless you know them.
  3. Suspicious persons in the building should be reported immediately to the Concierge on duty.
  4. Side and delivery entrances must be kept closed at all times and must never be wedged open.
  5. DO NOT force or obstruct doors at any time.
  6. The use of the side entry doors by the service lift and the Horseferry Road end of Dean Ryle Street should be kept to an absolute minimum.  In particular the fobs on the entry to the building will be disabled other than when the main entrance is out of use for any reason.  These will be able to be enabled by the Concierges in such circumstances.
  7. A fob is required to operate the service lift to the refuse bin area, which can be operated by apartment occupiers and owners and from the Concierges’ desk.


  1. Car Park Security: drivers entering or leaving the car park are urged to wait once they have driven into or out of the building, for long enough to see that the gates have closed without anyone else entering the building, before driving further.
  2. Car park fobs are for the sole use of residents and should not be given to any unauthorised person.
  3. There is no designated parking for visitors or contractors on site.  Residents should ensure that visitors either park off site or in their own designated parking space.
  4. Under no circumstances should residents store personal property in the car park, e.g. spare tyres, building materials, blankets, etc.
  5. Spaces are for one taxed and insured private motor vehicle or motor cycle.
  6. Residents are only permitted to sub-let their car park space to other residents or tenants, and for security reasons must inform the Building Manager of the identity of the sub-tenant.
  7. Residents must only park in the space allocated to their Apartment.  Do not use another person’s parking space without prior permission.


Inflammable liquids and substances (e.g. petrol, paint), as well as dangerous goods/items, may not under any circumstances be stored in the property or in car parking spaces. This is strictly prohibited.


  1. All take-away food and pizza deliveries must be collected from the foyer.
  2. Supermarket deliveries should be delivered to Apartments via the goods entrance on Page Street.


  1. Excessive noise and loud music is strictly prohibited in Apartments and Common Parts.  All noise should be kept to a reasonable level and stop, so as not to be audible outside the Apartment between the hours of 11pm to 8am.
  2. Bicycles, Prams and Pushchairs must not be left in the Common Parts.  Cycles should be stored in the secure bicycle designated area in the car park.
  3. Cigarettes: Smoking (including vapour cigarettes) is not permitted anywhere within the Common Parts of the building.  If you smoke within your property please dispose of the cigarette butts in a proper manner and not from balconies or windows.
  4. Barbecues are not permitted anywhere in or outside the Apartments.
  5. Animals: No dogs (excluding guide dogs), cats, birds, reptiles or other animals are allowed to be kept in the Apartment without the prior written consent of the Landlord (which may be granted or terminated at the Landlord’s absolute discretion).


  1. Children must be accompanied at all times by an adult in the Common Parts.
  2. Children must not be allowed to play or run around in the Common Areas. They must not operate the lift unaccompanied.


  1. To comply with health and safety regulations, all rubbish should be sealed securely in plastic sacks and placed in the allocated bin store / refuse cupboard demised to each Apartment for this purpose.  Residents should take care not to lose the keys to their bin cupboards as they are unique to the Apartment.
  2. Cardboard boxes should be crushed and taken to the ground floor refuse area and other items should be disposed of in the designated recycling bins.
  3. No rubbish should be left in hallways or service lifts at any time and residents and tenants should ensure their cleaners also comply.
  4. DISPOSAL OF LARGE ITEMS e.g. fridges, washing machines, beds and furniture, etc.  It is the responsibility of residents and tenants to arrange collection of these items by Westminster City Council and clearly label the goods with the collection code given.  Please inform the Concierge desk about items deposited for collection.  Up to 5 bulky items can be arranged for collection for £24. Each additional item £5.

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  1. For safety, plant pots and window boxes must not be placed on ledges.  Please take care when watering and use trays to prevent spillage and damage to the building structure through damp.
  2. DO NOT PLACE POTS AND TUBS IN FRONT OF WINDOWS.  The window cleaners descend from the roof on ropes and must have clear access for ease of cleaning and safety.
  3. No clothes or other articles may be hung or exposed outside the Apartments.


  1. We recommend that a set of keys to your Apartment is left with the Building Manager/ Concierge.  (Keys are kept in a locked cabinet and not identified to an individual Apartment).
  2. Keys are issued only to named persons / contractors as per the written instructions of the resident / owner kept on file.
  3. Please inform the Concierge staff if your property is going to be empty for an extended period of time, and provide an emergency telephone number where a key can be obtained if you have not deposited a key with the Concierge.


Badly maintained electrical items are a danger to users and a potential fire hazard.

  1. Residents are responsible for the safety of all appliances used within the apartment
  2. Leaseholders who let their apartments have a legal duty to obtain an electrical safety certifcate annually
  3. All Leaseholders and Residents should acquaint themslves with the Fire Safety document on the NOTICES page of the website where you can download the latest advice on fire safety precautions.
  4. The Building manager can provide details of electricians to conduct electrical safety tests.


  1. Residents should be aware of the location of their water stopcocks in their Apartment in the event of a leak.  The water supply must be turned off as quickly as possible.  The stopcock is labelled and located in the boiler room in your Apartment.

    Turn off the water at the stopcock if you will be away for 2 weeks or more and preferably whenever you are not in residence.  This practice will minimise damage to your Apartment and other Apartments below in an emergency.

  2. Your hot water tank requires servicing once a year to avoid build-up of limescale which reduces the life of the tank and causing the emergency relief valve to jam open and flood the car park.


The Management Company’s policy covers structural damage caused by fire, burst pipes, heavy storms, etc.  However, it is important and advisable for residents to arrange contents insurance to cover personal effects in case of damage.


  1. Residents must comply with the Rules displayed in the Gym.  A disclaimer must be signed to allow access using the access code.
  2. Instructions for the safe operation of the equipment are displayed on the equipment by the manufacturer.
  3. See Appendix II and II(A) for further information.


  1. Residents and their Letting Agents must inform the Managing Agent and the Building Manager prior to sub-letting.
  2. Letting must be for a minimum of 6 months, and for the occupation of one family only.  Unrelated individuals may not share a tenancy.
  3. Any use of an Apartment for unlawful or immoral purposes is strictly prohibited.


  1. Permission is required under the terms of your Lease before commencing any internal work, structural or non-structural.
  2. Owners must contact the Managing Agent for clarification of the information you are required to provide.  On no account should tenants undertake any alterations without permission.
  3. Permission for non-structural works will normally be given without delay and the owner is advised to place a copy of the Permission with their Title Deeds.
  4. Permission for structural works will require a LICENCE from the Company’s Solicitors.  BUILDING REGULATIONS APPROVALS and any other public statutory requirements must also be obtained and complied with.
  5. Service lifts (one at each end of the building) must be used for moving building materials and heavy items.
  6. Flooring and carpets in the Common Parts must be protected with dust sheets and owners are responsible for any damage caused.

    NB: Owners are responsible for waste created by contractors who must either take waste away or the owner must contact the Council / waste removal contractors to arrange removal.
  7. Noisy work: Contractors are permitted on site between 8.00am to 5.00pm.
  8. No noisy work is permitted at weekends or Public Holidays.
  9. Only emergency works are permitted to be undertaken outside these hours.   See also Appendix III.


See Appendix IV on Top 10 Safety Tips.


See Appendix I and I(A).

Appendix I

Business Suite and Meeting Room Rules and Regulations

  1. The Business Suite and meeting rooms are for the benefit of Westminster Green residents and their invited guests only.
  2. Bookings must be made in advance with the Concierge Desk, using the official booking form and can only be made by residents of Westminster Green.
  3. Only one room may be booked at any time for SOCIAL GATHERINGS.
    1. There will be a charge of £50.00 per booking for Adult Social Gatherings.This is a Room Hire Charge
    2. Management reserves the right to request a refundable deposit of £250.00 for Social Gatherings, in order to cover any additional costs that may be incurred. This £250.00 would be refunded in full if there were no additional costs incurred as a result of the event.
    3. Any special requirements must be notified up to 24 hours prior to the booking.
  4. Please ensure that the room is returned in the condition that it was found. All responsibility for use of the room remains with the person making the booking.
  5. Business Suite meetings are limited to 3 hours per booking.
  6. Visitors’ names are to be provided to the Concierge before the meeting / event.
  7. All meetings and social gatherings must terminate by 11pm.

Appendix Ia

 Westminster Green Booking Form

Appendix Ib

 Westminster Green Attendance Form

Appendix II

Gym Rules

  • Users and guests must complete a gym disclaimer available from the Concierge prior to using the gym.
  • Use of facilities and equipment is at your own risk.
  • Please use the equipment as per instructions.
  • No food or drinks – except water.
  • No smoking.  Smoking is not permitted anywhere within the Common Parts including the Gymnasium.
  • Water in the Gym is for the sole use of Gym users whilst exercising.
  • Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Please dress in appropriate clothing and footwear.
  • Report any damaged equipment to the Concierge and please DO NOT USE THE EQUIPMENT.
  • Always be courteous and respectful of others.
  • Do not drop free weights on the floor and please return them to the weight rack after use.
  • Please clean equipment with the wipes provided after each use.

Appendix IIa

 Gym Disclaimer Form

Appendix III

To: Contractors & tradesmen employed at Westminster Green (this also includes DIY residents)

Owners or Residents employing contractors/tradesmen must bring the under-mentioned rules to their attention, prior to the commencement of any work.

  1. Any work that is likely to cause noise or nuisance to other residents must only be carried out from Monday to Friday between the hours of 8.00am to 5.00pm. On Saturdays contractors are tolerated between 9.00am to 12noon(NO NOISY WORKS)

  2. The communal carpeted areas must not be used for any work, nor may materials, fixtures, debris, etc. be left or kept in these areas.  Such materials must be kept within the Apartment until used or discarded.
  3. All waste materials and debris must be taken to an approved site for disposal daily, and not put into the bin store or bins.
  4. The main security entrance / exit doors must not be left open and unattended.  A resident’s key or the entry buzzer from the Concierge desk should be used when necessary.
  5. Under no circumstances must the lift be overloaded.  (Max: 630 kgs / 8 persons).
  6. Any damage caused to any part of the property or lift must be reported to the Apartment Owner by the contractor / tradesman, and the resident in the Apartment will be responsible for notifying the Managing Agents.
  7. Communal carpeted areas, including service lifts, must be left in a clean condition prior to departure each day.
  8. Vehicles must not be parked so as to hinder the movement or parking of residents’ vehicles and never on footpaths or on the entrance roadway.
  9. Communal areas, lifts and emergency stairs are NO SMOKING AREAS.

Appendix IV

 Fire Emergency Procedures