Directors and Staff

Directors of Westminster Green Management Company Limited

The current Directors are:

  • Anne Marie Morris (Chair)
  • Jane Alexander
  • Mahrokh Dodwell
  • Alexandra Fullwood
  • Guy Higgins
  • Lionel Krieger

The Company Secretary is:

To email all Directors, title the email "To All Directors" or name the Director that you wish to contact and the message will be passed on. Email:

Westminster Green employs ten permanent staff:

  • Jeremy Claasen (Building Manager)
  • Anthony Otegbade (Day Concierge)
  • Ian Opendi (Day Concierge)
  • Ms Aliona Arkadjeva (Day Concierge)
  • Samuel Gabbio (Day Concierge)
  • Pawel Rakowski (Day Concierge)
  • Christopher Lu (Night Concierge)
  • Pompeo Baldini (Night Concierge)
  • Lucian Silion (Night Concierge)
  • John Tetteh (Night Concierge)