Restaurant Listing

London contains many hundreds of restaurants. This guide is intended to list only those restaurants within easy walking distance (less than 20 minutes) of Westminster Green serving a variety of styles of world cuisine. No recommendation is implied but all are regularly used by residents of Westminster Green.

M = listed in the Michelin Guide.
H = listed in Hardens.

Most restaurants accept bookings via

  1. Roux at Parliament Square: RICS, Parliament Square SW1P 3AD M
    Tel: 020 7334 3737
    Inspired by Michel Roux Jr. of Le Gavroche fame. Contemporary cuisine.
  2. The Cinnamon Club: The Old Westminster Library, 30-32 Great Smith Street, SW1P 3BU M
    Tel: 020 7222 2555
    Indian cuisine. Smart and relaxing with separate cocktail bar.
  3. Quirinale: North Court, 1 Great Peter Street, SW1P 3LL H
    Tel: 020 7222 7080
    Italian cuisine. Smart, light and airy basement.
  4. Osteria dell’Angolo: 47 Marsham Street, SW1P 3DR M
    Tel: 020 3268 1077
    Italian cuisine. Classic Italian dishes include homemade pasta.
  5. Shepherd’s: Marsham Court, Marsham Street, SW1P 4LA
    Tel: 020 7834 9552
    British cuisine. Recently re-fitted. Classic British dishes with seasonal variation. Restaurant  also features Cocktail  bar with bar menu.
  6. Rex Whistler: Tate Britain, Millbank, SW1P 4RG M
    Tel: 020 7887 8825
    British cuisine, lunch & afternoon tea only. Walls decorated with murals by Whistler. Extensive wine cellar curated by Hamish Anderson.
    Tate members also have access to the member’s self-service restaurant surrounding the main entrance atrium and a lounge with river views.
  7. A Wong: 70 Wilton Road, SW1V 1DE. M* (0ne star)
    Tel: 020 7828 8931
    Chinese cuisine. Renowned chef Andrew Wong. Forbidden City restaurant and bar hidden downstairs.
  8. Preto Churrascaria: 72 Wilton Road, SW1V 1DE.
    Tel: 020 7233 8668
    Brazilian cuisine. Experience meat cooked on a skewer Brazilian style. Next to A Wong.
  9. Ma La Sichuan: 37 Monck Street, SW1P 2BL.
    Tel: 020 7222 2218
    Chinese cuisine “Sichuan”style prepared by award winning chef.
  10. Quilon: St. James’ Court Hotel, 41 Buckingham Gate, SW1E 6AF. M* (one star) Indian cuisine.
    Tel: 020 7821 1899
    Separate Cocktail bar serves canapes.
  11. Caxton Grill: St. Ermin’s Hotel, 2 Caxton Street, SW1H 0QW  M
    Tel: 0800 652 1498
    Contemporary cuisine.
  12. Inn The Park: St James’ Park, SW1A 2BJ.
    Tel: 020 7451 9999
    Contemporary cuisine
    Waiter or self service, inside or outside. Situated beside the lake.
  13. M Restaurant: The ZigZag Building, 70 Victoria Street, SWIE 6SQ  H
    Tel: 020 3327 7776
    Contemporary cuisine
    Frontage is Wine Shop with restaurant complex downstairs. Bar, Raw(fish) restaurant,
    Grill restaurant and Private Dining Rooms.
  14. Pharmacy2: Newport Street, SE11 6AJ
    Tel: 020 3141 9333  Bookings:
    Contemporary cuisine
    Menu by restauranteur Mark Hix starting with 10 am Brunch every day except Monday. Art curated by Damien Hirst and set in his new gallery.